Why Hire a Work Injury Lawyer?

Work-related injuries may turn your world upside down, especially if the injury is serious enough to prevent you from returning to work. However, there are risks in every field, though certain fields, like construction-related fields, experience more injuries than others. If you are one of the unfortunate people who’ve been injured at work, you have the right to file a workers compensation claim.

Workers compensation insurance is available to all employees who work at an organization. The money is paid out to an injured employee, whether or not he or she was responsible for the accident. The insurance may also cover some lost time for work if your injuries require you be off-the-clock for a certain period of time. However, workers compensation claims aren’t always as smooth as we’d like. Many people find out firsthand that it is sometimes troubling to get the money that you are entitled to.

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In such a situation, it is best to talk to a work related injury lawyer Hillsboro OR. The lawyer will talk to you at no cost during a consultation to discuss the specific details of your case. At that point you can determine what actions are best to take in your matter. If you have a case, the attorney does not require any upfront money to start things. There are so many things to worry about when you’ve been injured, but the ability to get what you deserve is not one of those thanks to the contingency offer that attorneys provide clients.

If you’ve been injured at work, it is your right to receive compensation for those injuries. If you cannot get relief on your own, do not hesitate to pick up the phone to call an attorney. Together you can get results and the compensation that you deserve after a work-related injury turns your life upside down.